Getting From Point-A to Point-B is Only Part Of The Journey.

Introducing the Next Evolution of Navigation:  INRIX Parking Path

Nothing is worse than arriving at an event on time, only to end up being late when you can’t find parking. Traditional car navigation relies on using real-time traffic information to guide drivers along the fastest route to their destination. This works great for getting drivers from point A to point B, but a critical piece of the navigation puzzle is missing: parking.

INRIX Parking Path™ combines real-time traffic, incident, and parking data to guide drivers along the fastest route to find available parking. This exciting new feature helps automakers simplify the last mile for drivers by incorporating parking into the entire navigation experience - saving customers time and frustration.

  • Parking Search Time Reduced: Enables drivers to take the fastest route to find available on-and off-street parking
  • Optimized Routing: Optimizes driving route to minimize both drive-time and walk-time.
  • Parking Simplified: Gives drivers the ability to find best parking based on price, proximity & availability.

Check out our INRIX Parking Path Video to see this feature in action.

Optimized Routing

Guides drivers along the fastest path to find parking, minimizing both drive-time and walk-time.

Reduced Parking Search Time

Helps drivers park quickly by leveraging parking availability data, machine learning and predictive analytics.

Simplified Parking Experience

Guides drivers to the best parking based on price, proximity, & availability.

INRIX Parking In Action



INRIX Unveils Next Evolution Of Navigation: INRIX Parking Path™

Today, INRIX launched an industry-first navigation technology to help drivers finally conquer the last mile.


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INRIX Parking: Driving & Parking Optimized

INRIX Parking provides an end-to-end parking solution to help drivers save time, money, and frustration.


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INRIX Parking: A Complete Solution To Optimize The Parking Experience

INRIX provides automakers, cities, and businesses with an all-in-one parking solution to optimize the parking experience.


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