Gain a clear view of traffic congestion with INRIX Roadway Analytics

Imagine if your organisation could gain complete insight across your road network – to help you plan, prioritise and improve roadway performance, project by project, or on an on-going basis...

New INRIX Roadway Analytics is the go-to solution for accurate congestion reporting on your road network. Discover a cloud-based platform delivering on-demand traffic data, analytics and visualizations to help improve roadway performance and urban mobility, for transport agencies and consultancies who manage city and strategic road networks:

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all your congestion hotspots with the industry’s richest source of traffic data from connected vehicles and devices.
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congestion on-demand to understand real traffic behavior across all your road corridors and bottlenecks.
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he ‘before and after’ results of each project, and communicate them to your stakeholders, with less cost and hassle.
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roadway improvement projects to gain the maximum benefits within your available budgets and resources.

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