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Improving Roadway Performance Across Europe

View our webinar – Discovering INRIX Roadway Analytics: Improving Roadway Performance In Cities and Across Strategic Road Networks.

What if you could carry out on-demand traffic analysis to identify bottlenecks on your road network or to show not just the before and after results of a roadway improvement project, but to also visualise the results and communicate them to your stakeholders, with less cost and hassle?

Hear from Dr Graham Cookson, INRIX Chief Economist and Head of Research as he presents findings from INRIX’s latest research on traffic bottlenecks. Using the INRIX Roadway Analytics service, INRIX has studied over 45,000 traffic hotspots across 19 European countries and over 120 European cities.

Watch now to learn how transport agencies and consultancies who manage city and strategic road networks can achieve new levels of insight and deliver roadway improvements with the aid of INRIX Roadway Analytics:

  • Identify: gain instant access to roadway and congestion, and bottleneck trend analysis to highlight areas for improvement.
  • Prioritise: utilise INRIX's accurate and comprehensive traffic data to inform budget and resource decisions.
  • Measure: enables before-project and after-project analysis to truly understand the impact of investments and set benchmarks.

Webinar: Discovering INRIX Roadway Analytics: Improving Roadway Performance in Cities and Across Strategic Road Networks


Dr Graham Cookson, Chief Economist & Head of Research, INRIX

Lytang Kelley, Product Director, Public Sector, INRIX

Peter Jones, Professor of Transport, UCL, and Head of CREATE (Congestion Reduction in Europe: Advancing Transport Efficiency)

To watch the German-language webinar, please click here.

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INRIX Roadway Analytics Visualisation

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INRIX Roadway Analytics

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