New, historical traffic count trends give decision makers timely, relevant information that has never before been made available.


Side-of-road traffic volumes are make-or-break decision points when choosing a site and being confident that business will follow.


If you’re a pizza restaurant, you care about evening business. If you’re a café, you care about morning traffic. We get it.

Less Cost

No longer do you need to travel to several different cities and sites to scope out the potential location. Now you know.

It’s hard to imagine a business or industry that isn’t impacted by how, when and where consumers move. You need to have your business locations turn a profit as soon as possible and today’s data tools can help streamline the site selection process. When you know how customers move, you can reach them when and where it matters.

INRIX Volume and Trade Areas analyze real-time, historical and predictive consumer driving patterns data which provides businesses the edge they need to make intelligent real estate business decisions. Reduce location analysis costs and see faster ROI at retail locations when you work with the best data available. Using our tools, retail site selection evaluation is based on accurate and current data. You can depend on: recency of the data, 2015 and newer; road traffic counts for easier customer access; and, day-parted to assess traffic by the time of day and day of the week.

INRIX Platform Partners: Build Your Own or License a Ready Build Solution

If you build your own internal site selection tools or if you license from industry-leading providers, INRIX has you covered. The news of Movement Analytics has spread fast and we already have four of the industry’s leading site selection platform providers leveraging INRIX data.



Legends Car Wash

Retailers and restaurateurs can now understand markets based on the population’s purchase preferences.

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Day-Parted Traffic Data

The newest methods of leveraging INRIX’s traffic counts, for over 300 million cell phones, by hour of day.


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Better, Faster Site Selection

Understand who, where, when and how customers are coming to each candidate site with INRIX data sets.


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