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Using big data to detect the location of vehicles at traffic signals to detect queues and measure delays

The T-TRIG research project has helped to validate the proposed model of using GPS floating vehicle data and we have proven this approach could be used to help verify and validate traffic signals.

Insights from the T-Trig Study include:

  • The project has achieved its key objective – to fuse data from vehicles with data on signal timings in a UK context.
  • TIt shows great potential as a future traffic management tool to improve signal performance and reduce costs and we believe it has a clear path for UK deployment.
  • The project has helped to identify some of challenges and solutions when using GPS floating vehicle data to optimise traffic signals, such as obtaining consistent signal timing data and ensuring there is sufficient data density.
  • It helped INRIX to visualize vehicle trajectory data against signal plans which is a precursor for developing a solution.



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The INRIX Research team has researchers in Europe and North America and is comprised of economists, transportation policy specialists and data scientists, with a mix of research backgrounds from academia, think tanks and commercial research and development groups.

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