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Consumers Trust Carmakers More Than Tech Giants

INRIX conducted an in-depth consumer survey of over 5,000 people across the US, UK, Germany, France and Italy. This new study by INRIX Research reveals that traditional automakers are winning in the connected car and autonomous vehicle race. This latest research is a must-read for anybody interested in the future of the automotive industry.

New insights from the INRIX Connected & Autonomous Vehicle Consumer Survey include:

  • Consumers are concerned about data privacy, with a third of respondents don’t trust anybody with their connected car data.
  • Traditional carmakers are more trusted than tech companies by consumers both with protecting their in-car data and in building autonomous vehicles.
  • Most consumers believe autonomous vehicles will be on public roads within a decade, and almost three quarters of people think that they will be as safe, or safer, than today’s cars, but only a quarter would purchase one.
  • Automakers have a unique opportunity to elevate drivers’ understanding of connected cars and related services as more than half of respondents didn’t know what a connected car is.


Graham Cookson
Bob Pishue

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About INRIX Research

INRIX Research uses proprietary big data and expertise to make the movement of people and goods more efficient, safe and convenient.

We achieve this by leveraging 500 Terabytes of INRIX data from 300 million different sources covering over 5 million miles of road, and combining it with our other data sources including global parking, fuel, point of interest, public transport, and road weather information. Together, our data provides a rich and fertile picture of urban mobility that enables us to produce valuable and actionable insights for policy makers, transport professionals, automakers and drivers.

The INRIX Research team has researchers in Europe and North America and is comprised of economists, transportation policy specialists and data scientists, with a mix of research backgrounds from academia, think tanks and commercial research and development groups.

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